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Vacuum cleaner made of antibacterial plastic that inhibits the growth and multiplication of bacteria.

Four filter levels:

1. Paper bag

2. Sanifilter

3. HEPA filter in front

4. and after the engine

Filtering up to a particle size of 0.3 µm

This filter system enables the Ecospital to hold back 98% of the bacteria.

So the vacuum cleaner can be used in environments where hygiene is absolutely necessary.

For example in clinics and clean rooms.

Noise level only 64 dB.

Logo des HEPA-Saugers Ecospital
Ecospital Anwendungsbereiche

Certified for vacuuming type “H” dust

according to EN 60335-2-69 PAR.AA6 standard

Certified for the electro-medical sector -

according to IEC / EN 60601-1 standard

Technische Daten des HEPA-Saugers Ecospital
Filterelemente des HEPA-Saugers Ecospital

viruses bacteria yeast and mold micro parasites

two-stage high speed

thru-flow motor

Standard accessories

Bag full warning light

replacement filter-elements

Motor: Wattage Voltage Volt/Hz Water lift mmH2O-KPA max. air flow   tank capacity   weight