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Since more than 25 years, we provide an extensive range of

cleaning machines, which live up to their purpose by constant high quality.

With the help of our expert staff, you’ll sure find the most suitable device for your field of application.

Feel free to contact us via telephone, e-mail, contact form or fax machine.

You’ll benefit from our ability to combine time-proven concepts with innovative ones.

This guarantees reliability and longevity for all products offered by us.

Our attractive petrol station equipment gives your customers one more reason to visit your petrol station.

They can vacuum, spray-extract and perfume the inside of their cars, for example.

With special vacuum cleaners like the oil vacuum cleaner and the Mac flood vacuum, problematic buildups of liquids are efficiently removed.

Especially interesting for the industry and fire brigades.

Even hazardous dusts lose part of their scariness, if the right suction device is on-site.

For craftsmen, it is always worthwhile to be aware of the properties of the particular material they work with, to avoid health issues.

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MAC Feuerwehrsauger / Pumpsauger / Wassersauger mit Alu C Anschluss und Kippfahrgestell. Wasser Abpumpen aus Kellern, Garagen, Erdgeschossen, Reinigung nach Überschwemmungen, Rohrbruch und starken Regenfällen.

Mac flood vacuum

This industrial vacuum cleaner has an integrated water disposal pump for different applications and fluids.


•Electrical outlet for pump

•Aluminium Storz “C”

connection for fire brigades

•Non-return valve

ATEX-Industriesauger MAC BAG 3D ATEX


ATEX industrial vacuum cleaners