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SB - Polsterreiniger / SB - Waschsauger / SB - Extraktionsgerät Classic Spray-Ex 2004 EW für Tankstellen, Waschanlagen, SB-Waschplätze

Self-service car upholstery cleaner

Classic Spray-Ex 2004 EW

Car seat and carpet cleaner.

Operation: Cleaning agent is added to the fresh water in the PVC tank. By pressing the lever on the handle, liquid is sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned.

Let the liquid work for a while and then extract it with the already started suction motors.

Depending on the degree of soiling, repeat the procedure.

The waste water is disposed of by removing the rolling tank (90 ltr.)

and tipping it over or draining the water through the drain hose.


Device characteristics:

•Powder-coated, available in all RAL colors

•Casing made from hot-dip galvanised sheet steel or optional V2A stainless steel

•Digital timer clock with counter

•Coin validator for currencies or tokens

•Optional: Electronic coin validator

•PVC-tank for 60 ltr. of fresh water

•Two motor suction device with integrated pump

•Hose holders on the sides

•Attractive illumination unit

•Suction device with 2 x 1200W/230V motors (340m3/h)

•Pump with 100W/230V, 3,5 bar, 1,8 Ltr./minute

Dimensions and Weight:

•height 1840, width 980, depth 575 mm, 150 kg