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Mattenreiniger / Mattenwäscher Mat Wash 8000

Mat Wash 8000

Cleaning procedure:

The side of the mat to be cleaned has to face the users body. The feed roll slowly pulls in the mat automatically. The downstream pressing roller holds and guides the mat near the stiff-bristled bristle roller which does the actual cleaning.

The bristle roller works the mat and slowly guides it over the inner deviation plate into the outer (perforated) mat holding plate. The client may choose between a dry brushing of the mat or a wet brushing by operating the water dosage unit.

For this procedure, the time adjusted in the electronics circuit ist available.

The frequency of repitition of the cleaning process is at the discretion of the user.


The motor in use is a rotary current low-speed motor which is working with 230 / 240 V alternating current.

The load transmission is done by drive disks of varied size and V-belts.

Coin validator, electronic circuit and coin box are located in the right side part (front view).

On the timer clock, the desired operating duration (1-9 minutes) can be adjusted stepless with the regulating button.

After inserting a coin or token, the micro switch on the coin validator transmits the corresponding impulse over the electronic circuit to the driving motor.

The cover with the mat downcast shaft is fastened with hexagon socket screws.

In the left side part, the manual water dosage unit is located. It has a fresh water connection.

The dosing button is attached to the top of the left side part. Both side parts are equipped with lockable doors.

Device characteristics:

•Coin validator for different currencies or tokens.

Optional: Start button instead of a coin validator.

•Digital timer clock with counter.

•Push-button for water dosage

•Casing entirely made from V2A stainless steel

•Moving aid with 2 rollers and handle

•Driving motor 230 V alternating current.

•Emergency stop button

•Mat retaining device

•Maximum mat width ca. 840mm

•Dimensions and weight:

height 900, width 1120, depth 450 mm, 90 kg