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SB-Sauger / Tankstellensauger Master 1002 Mono

Master self-service vacuum cleaner

The master line is a quite recent development during which practical experience was carefully taken into consideration. The casing of the Duo version is aligned in oblong size to allow space-saving operation from two sides. The coin slot can optionally be built into the back and front or solely into the front. The coin-box door is set flush into a channel to better withstand break-in attempts.  The locks have been equipped with reinforced bars.

The devices are very sturdy thanks to the frame and attractive at the same time.

The Duo version has its doors set flush into a profile on both sides and therefore is easy to handle.

Technical data:

•Casing available in powder coated sheet steel or V2A stainless steel

•optional with alternating current motors each

2x 1,1 kW or 2,2 kW (max.) 230 V

or rotary current (1,5 kW or 2,2 kW) (max.) 400V

•Digital timer clock with counter

•Coin validator vor currencies or tokens

•60 liters inox waste tank

•Tank socket with safety device, preventing the suction pipe from slipping out.

•Suction hose length: 4 m ø60mm Optional: longer hose.

•Nozzle holders for gap-nozzles attched to the sides.

(370mm, ø60mm)

•Pictogram on the front door

Dimensions and weight:

•Master 1002 Mono

height 1860, width 670, depth 600  mm

weight 145 kg, optional V2A stainless steel

•Master 2002 Duo

height 1860, width 670, depth 1020 mm

weight 210 kg, V2A stainless steel

•optional for all devices in this line:

•hose-balancer,  attractive illumination unit

•electrical coin validator

•suction hose ø 40 mm

SB-Sauger / Tankstellensauger Master 2002 Duo

Master 1002 Mono

Master 2002 Duo